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Project Description Owner Last Change
cmstorm.git Custom mapping for CM Storm... 9 years ago
cp210x.git Enhanced cp210x driver v0... 9 years ago
deploy-utils.git Deployment utilities 11 years ago
deputy-tinyos.git Deputy for TinyOS. 14 years ago
dispcfg.git Configure displays via XRANDR 9 years ago
displayset.git Toggle between LCD and dual... 11 years ago
git-utils.git Utility scripts for use with... 8 years ago
msp430-binutils.git The GNU binary utilities,... 14 years ago
msp430-gcc.git Provides gcc-3.2.3 for msp430... 14 years ago
msp430-libc.git libc for the msp430 microprocessor 14 years ago
nesc.git The nesC compiler used to... 9 years ago
oss-web.git Website for oss.titaniummirror... 8 years ago
ovzbpc.git Scripts to integrate BackupPC... 10 years ago
repo_shell.git A login shell for supporting... 9 years ago
rgblamp.git RGB lamp code 12 years ago
smckown/dotfiles.git Steve's dotfiles, including... 8 years ago
tinyos-2.x.git TMI TinyOS 2.x tree. View... 9 years ago
tinyos-utils.git Utilities for use with TinyOS... 11 years ago
tmi-keyring.git Apt pkg containing TMI's publi... 14 years ago
vim-mkbuild.git vim tools for mkbuild 8 years ago
webber.git A static website generator... 12 years ago