descriptionEnhanced cp210x driver v0.11 by TMI.
last changeMon, 18 Aug 2014 21:31:13 +0000 (15:31 -0600)
2014-08-18 R. Steve McKownRevamp build strategy master debian/0.11.4-1tmi
2014-08-18 R. Steve McKownSupport Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr
2012-07-03 R. Steve McKownmodprobe.d files now ends in .conf
2012-07-03 R. Steve McKownMerge cp210x.c changes for precise from kernel 3.2...
2012-07-03 R. Steve McKownForce hardy distribution for dkms, for now
2012-07-03 R. Steve McKownThe default cp210x.c is now good for natty-precise
2011-09-08 R. Steve McKownSupport for natty
2011-09-08 R. Steve McKownMakefile use of git log OK if decorate is default
2010-11-29 R. Steve McKownUpdate cp210x for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat debian/0.11.3-5tmi
2010-05-26 R. Steve McKownFix version information for karmic and lucid sources... debian/0.11.3-4tmi
2010-05-26 R. Steve McKownLucid, clean, version debian/0.11.3-3tmi
2010-05-20 R. Steve McKownMore generic unicode support, no redefinitions of USB...
2010-05-20 R. Steve McKownVarious fixes proposed by Greg KH.
2010-05-20 R. Steve McKownRemove set functionality for Manufacturer descriptor.
2010-05-20 R. Steve McKownUse usb definitions for bmRequestType.
2010-05-20 R. Steve McKownRemove unnecessary #if's
9 years ago debian/0.11.4-1tmi cp210x-module-dkms Debian release...
12 years ago debian/0.11.3-5tmi
13 years ago debian/0.11.3-4tmi
13 years ago debian/0.11.3-3tmi
13 years ago debian/0.11.2-6.1tmi
13 years ago debian/0.11.2-5.2tmi
13 years ago 0.2 Stable driver version cp210x-0...
13 years ago 0.11.2-4tmi
13 years ago 0.11.1-3tmi
14 years ago pre2.6.24
9 years ago master
13 years ago karmic