• Port TMI TinyOS enhancements and our CP210X enhanced driver to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Trusty Tahr. Packages for Trusty are available from the APT Repository.


Reorganize the website into three categories: Blog, Misc, and Projects.


  • TMI enhancements v4.5, based on TinyOS 2.1.1, are available in as source patches and as APT packages
  • Support for 32-bit (X)Ubuntu 12.04


Back in August when we migrated to the new server, we also began using nginx for the web server. This dramatically decreased memory usage, but unfortunately we did not have the correct configuration for serving apt packages. This has been fixed.


The OSS website has been moved to a new server. Please drop us an e-mail if you find any broken links, or issues with the git or APT repositories.


  • The APT Repository contains an updated MSP430 GCC toolchain, which TMI has been using successfully for some time now.
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is supported as a development host.


TinyOS release 2.1.1-4.4 is available.

  • Revert to how 2.1.0 creates TOSMAKE_PATH. It adds TINYOS_MAKE_PATH to the end, allowing local code to override system code. 2.1.1 adds TINYOS_MAKE_PATH to the beginning, preventing local overrides.
  • Various USCI fixes.
  • Provide new system components SharedArbiterC and SharedSplitControlC. We use these to activate subsystems only when needed, where the subsystems are usable by multiple higher-level components concurrently.
  • TinyOS by default presumes that on boot UartStream interface providers have the receive interrupt active. We had presumed that it was better to allow the code to specifically activate the interrupt when it was ready to handle input data. TMI patch 4.4 now works like official TinyOS.
  • Remove bitfield warning in msp430 adc12 when using GCC 4.x.
  • Provide new interfaces ReadRefNow, Write and WriteNow.

TMI has also updated to nesc-1.3.2. A big thank you to idgay, who fixed bug 3013497 that was preventing us from using nescc with GCC on Ubuntu Linux. Using the nx_ types of nescc to define cross platform data structures in header files shared between TinyOS targets and other systems is much more elegant than managing a parallel set of definitions defined programmatically by function calls to the TinyOS C-SDK.


TMI is migrating to a newer MSP430 toolchain and TinyOS 2.1.1.

  • MSP430 toolchain now based on gcc-4.4.3.
  • Merged upstream TinyOS 2.1.1 into release 2.1.1-4.3.
  • CP210X driver updates.


The TMI OSS website is now published to the internet. New TinyOS release 2.1.0-4.2 is also available.


The OSS web pages are now horizontally fluid, and gitweb uses the same visual theme.


The oss.titaniummirror.com website is staged on an internal VE. Content is mostly static, generated from the oss-web git repo. A new theme is in place, also used for gitweb. The TMI API repository is cloned here. Automation scripts in place to keep things updated.


Looking at static website generators. growl and webber both look pretty promising.