Repositories: ovzbpc.

TMI backup strategy

TMI hosts its compute resources in OpenVZ Virtual Environments (VE) running on a cluster of Dell PE1800 servers. The contents of each VE, as well as the servers hosting them, are backed up using BackupPC. Periodically, a clone of the BackupPC disk archive is made on one of a pool of external eSATA drives, which are rotated off-site for disaster recovery. TMI has authored a few program scripts which integrate these backup components.

  • BackupPC_ovz allows an OpenVZ VE to be backed up and restored via BackupPC without special configuration of the VE, nor with BackupPC being told on which hardware node the VE is running. See the README for more information.

  • bpcdump and friends support cloning the BackupPC VE to a removeable eSATA drive for disaster recovery. See README.bpcdump for more information.

  • esata wraps the scsiadd utility for properly handling eSATA drives on Dell PE1800 and PE1900 platforms. Newer hardware and better Linux kernel support will someday make scripts like this unnecessary. See README.esata for more information.