RGB Lamp features

  • Auto power cycling, 5 hours on, 19 hours off.
  • Brightness level adjustment
  • Twelve colors, which include white and a simulated candle color
  • Several modes: random color change, slow color change, and fixed color
  • Simulated candle flicker for all colors except for white
  • Persistent state configuration

The power switch

The power switch has three positions: off, on, and auto. When the switch position changes to auto, a timer is started that turns off the lamp in five hours, then back on again nineteen hours later.

The push button

When the pushbutton is depressed briefly, then released, the lamp color mode is changed. Modes cycle through all twelve color modes, the first of which is the candle simulation and the last of which is white. The mode immediately following white is the slow color change mode, which itself cycles through the colors every sixteen minutes. The next and final mode is a rapid and random color change mode (party mode). A mode change when in party mode returns to the first mode.

When the pushbutton is depressed and held, brightness varies until the pushbutton is released. Brightness is dimmed until a minimum brightness is reached. After a short delay at the minimum brightness, brightness is then increased over time until a maximum brightness is reached. After a short delay at the maximum brightness, the process repeats. Once the pushbutton is released, the brightness setting at that point is retained persistently.